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Logan Fils
Absinthe Effects and taste
Logan Fils has the same effects as the legitimate absinthe from the 19th Century, since the same main herbs and manufacturing processes are used. However, the amount of Anise and Fennel is deliberately reduced. This results in a slightly different, more wormwood pronounced refreshing taste.

Logan Fils is prepared from carefully selected herbs. The herbs being grand wormwood - the main herb, genepl, petite wormwood, green anise, fennel, seeds of angelica, hyssop, melissa, citron peel, lemon balm, liquorice root, coriander, calamus, veronica and cardamon. The carefully balanced amounts of the botanicals make the Logan Fils absinthe made the old way very rich in herbal content, and this is reflected in its taste. The amount of wormwood is the same as in legitimate 19th century Absinthes. This makes Logan Fils absinthe as strong as the legitimate Absinthes of the 19th century.

All the herbs, including a great amount of grand wormwood, are steeped in an eau-de-vie distilled from selected wine, and heated to a certain temperature by water circulation, with maximum care taken not to damage the oils or overheat the alcohol.

When the steeping process is finished, water is added and the liquid is slowly distilled in an old absinthe (alembic or pot) still, like in the 19th century. The distilled product is precious, contains a large amount of essence, is only slightly alcoholic and is used to prepare the liqueur. The product is very fragrant, white in color and must be colored in order to be transformed into Absinthe and to reinforce its fragrance.

The distilled product, along with the herbs reserved for coloring (including Petite Wormwood), is put into a colorator that is heated by steam to a certain temperature. Under the influence of the temperature the herbs yield their natural coloring-chlorophyll and their fragrances to the liqueur. The liqueur is diluted with water to reduce the alcohol content.

Next, it is placed into barrels to age, which finishes the quality. The result is the absinthe, green in color, VERY smooth and easy to drink, which turns milky green, then opalescent, when water is added.

Logan Fils absinthe made the old way is sold in 1 litre bottles with an authentic label design and 68% VOL. (136 Proof). A hand made cork cap is used with an aluminium foil neck wrap: Just as the old good La Fee Verte.

$80,- USD + shipping

Logan Fils Absinthe
absinthe-wormwood plant
Absinthe Logan Fils