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Otto Legler
Otto Legler
absinthe contains the same properties found in the true vintage absinthe. Namely, Legler-Pernod brand. Vintage recipes do not exist despite the fact that you may have heard they do. Therefore, the only way how to make a true reproduction is through sampling and testing. This requires a vintage bottle, perfectly sealed and preserved.

Absinthe from the 19th century
in general, is very rare and almost impossible to find or obtain and there are only a few lucky connoisseur that have already tried a sample. Those who did, will undoubtably tell what a huge difference there is between the true Belle Époque absinthe and the one sold today.

Vintage absinthe reproduction
Our goal when trying to reproduce once historically famous Legler-Pernod brand was to make it as close as technically possible without any shortcuts or alterations ranging from botanical selection, distillation, coloring, filtration and finally ageing. This included using the same quality botanicals in the same quantities, namely Grand and Petite wormwood, anise, fennel and more.

Grand wormwood
and its essencial oil thujone was the prime culprit to blame to cause the ban in the 19th century in many countries around the world. It was first used as a wild herb found in the area of Val de travers in Switzerland and later when the production increased cultivated in France. Grand wormwood was never really used without being properly distilled and top quality distillers called it superiour as oposed to low quality producers that macerated it only.

Petite wormwood
on the other hand was used to color the already distilled product to give it the final taste and aroma together with some other botanicals serving the same purpose.

True vintage bottles
are some 100 years old and through those years all the essential oils perfectly blended all together giving the product a distinctive taste, aroma and smoothness. This, only time can bring thus one can not achieve or expect absolutely the same oder, taste and smoothness event though it is made the same way and we were aware of it right from the beginning.
However, through many counless hours of sample distillation, testing and finally trial and error we have come to make a product that resembles the original and has a lot of similarities.

The true Belle Époque experience
The Otto Legler will definately offer the true Belle Époque experience to any liqueur connoisseur.

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