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Pernod Fils

Henri-Louis Pernod
set up an absinthe distillery in Pontarlier,France called Pernod Fils in 1805 and was the first anise-based liqueur producer in France.
It was a small distillery.It consisted of two alembic absinthe stills producing some 16 litres of absinthe a day.

As the absinthe consumption increased, the founder‘s younger son Louis built a large distillery on a 36,000 m2 purchased land on the banks of the Doubs river.Its daily production exceeded 400 litres a day and by the time Louis died in 1850, the distillery had 26 stills producing 20,000 litres of absinthe per day and was equipped with a shipping platform and spur linking to the railroad.

Louis’ sons Fritz and Louis - Alfred Pernod continued to expand together with the factory equipment designer Arthur Borel.The factory was the most modern of its day.Well lighted,ventilated and the machines including lifting elevators,cork markers and nailing machines did most of the hard work of 170 employees almost half of whom were women.

In 1880, when Fritz died , Louis - Alfred continued to run Pernod Fils through partnership with Arthur Veil-Picard and in 1888 the concern took the name Veil-Picard&Compagnies, with Arthur and his brother Edmond as managers.When Louis–Alfred retired in 1894, Arthur Veil-Picard‘s three sons Arthur,Edmond and Leon took over and successfully operated the company so that by the turn of the century the daily production increased to 30,000 litres.

In 1905, lightning hit the plant and the resulting fire lasting four days destroyed the whole plant.The newly built factory which was equipped with the latest technical machinery was finished in 1905, coincidently the same year anti-absinthe movement set off to ban absinthe.

This unique pre-ban Pernod Fils vintage bottle comes from the original cellar.It was thickly coated with cellar dust, a sign that it had lain completely undisturbed for many decades with the green wax seal with the Pernod branding on top of the cork.

All the vintage bottles we have in our collection including this Pernod Fils vintage absinthe are used for analytical purposes to determine the levels of different essencial oils present in the pre-ban absinthe which unables us to make our genuine absinthe with the same properties.

Upon request.

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