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Absinthe Vintage Edouard Pernod

Edouard Pernod
Henri-Louis Pernod married Major Dubied‘ daughter Emilie and as a result set up a partnership with Major Dubied and his son Marcellin in Couvet, Switzerland.It was a small distillery measuring eight-by-four meters producing absinthe from the recipe which Major Dubied had bought from the Henriod sisters in 1797.

The increased sale of absinthe and high import taxes led Henri-Louis Pernod set up a larger distillery in Pontarlier,France in 1805.

Henri-Louis Pernod had two sons by two marriages.The younger son Louis (by second wife,Emilie Dubied) ran the Pernod Fils distillery in Pontarlier, France and the eldest son,Edouard,remained in Couvet and in 1827 transferred the company to his own name.Eventually,Edouard had a son also called Edouard who started his own company in 1897.By the time of the 1915 ban, Edouard had merged with Pernod Fils and become the 3rd largest absinthe distiller in France, but later was forced to merge with Jules Pernod, whom we know nowadays as Pernod.

This Edouard Pernod vintage absinthe bottle comes from the same cellar as our Pernod Fils vintage bottle.The bottle has an excellent provenance since it was owned by a leading French collector for 25 years. He originally discovered it in Alsace.
The neck foil and the seal read "Gustave Engel" who was a German distributor of Edouard Pernod in Germany.



Vintage absinthe Edouard Pernod