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La Blanche
Absinthe taste and effects
Logan Fils La Blanche is made the old way just like the legitimate absinthe from the 19th century.
Logan Fils La Blanche is a distilled superieure absinthe from carefully selected herbs and made from eau-de-vie, distilled from selected wine. It comes crystal clear in the bottle and turns milky when ice or ice water is added. It is carefully balanced and has a slightly bitter taste after Grand Wormwood which is used in the same quantity as in all legitimate vintage absinthes. Thanks to its herbal content and the same manufacturing processes it also has the same effects as the old absinthes.

The main botanicals are grand wormwood, green anise, fennel, seeds of angelica, hyssop, melissa, liquorice root, coriander, calamus, veronica and cardamon. The carefully balanced amounts of the herbs make the La Blanche rich in herbal content which contributes to its taste. The amount of wormwood, Anise and Fennel is the same as in legitimate 19th century Absinthes.

All selected botanicals are steeped in the high proof alcohol prior to distillation to dissolves the alcohol soluble oils from the botanicals. The whole charge is distilled in an old alembic still which is carefully performed to leave the unwanted heavy and water soluble substances behind in the still. The distilled substance contains concentrated essential oils containing volatile aroma compounds from the botanicals and defines the final taste of the La Blanche. Then the aromatic distilate is left in barrels to age and finally bottled.

La Blanche absinthe is sold in 1 litre bottles with an authentic label design and is 68% VOL. (136 Proof). A hand made cork cap is used with an aluminium foil neck wrap.

$75,- USD + shipping

La Blanche Absinthe
absinthe-wormwood plant