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Absinthe Production

Absinthe production in the 19th century.
The superiour absinthe brands in the 19th were all made from aux-de-vieu distilled from selected wine. The botanicals used prior to distillation and coloring were carefully selected especially grand wormwood, petite wormwood, anise, fenel and others. Absinthe was distilled in a copper alembic still and mastering the distillation process as well as coloring, filtration, ageing... made them superiour.

The pre-banned absinthe throughout its history was never the same and the distillers finally brought it into perfection thanks to its growing consumption which led the producers not only to increase their absinthe production but also the quality of their product. And as a result they modernized their stills and the whole absinthe production processes involved.

In order to reproduce the 19th century absinthe, we secured some perfectly sealed pre-banned vintage absinthe bottles of different brands which we use as a reference in the absinthe reproduction.

The reproduction will be unthinkable without the right sources.
The spirit, aux-de-vieu we use is the same as the pre-banned absinthe producers used .
Grand wormwood was used in certain quantities in pre-banned absinthe and we paid close attention to calculating its quantities not only by measuring the levels of thujone in the vintage absinthe but also tasting it for the wormwood quality and louche effect.This also applies to other botanicals which together with wormwood are distilled in the same alembic copper still design which was used to produce absinthe of superior quality back in the 19th century.

The vintage absinthe is very rare and the quantity of samples are limited so everytime we taste it we learn something new which is transfered into our vintage absinthe reproduction process.The same as in the old days, always trying to improve it whether it is the quality of spirit, botanicals or a change in the distillation process, coloring, filtration etc.

The legitimate absinthe in the 19th century used to be sold in full one litre bottles, the same size in which we sell our vintage absinthe reproduction and we also use the same label design, the symbol of quality and authenticity.

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