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Absinthe Music

Absinthe in the 19th century inspired many poets and artists.The music on this CD was composed by one of our customers,a canadian musician, who was inspired by Logan Fils-genuine absinthe which is made the same way as the old legitimate absinthe and has the same qualities.The bottle of Logan Fils-genuine is pictured on the inside cover of the CD.
And the following email was the beginning of the story.

Hello, my name is Joe Ashton, I am the lead of the Band "Phono" in Salt Lake City. A while back I was ordering some absinthe from Petr, and I asked him if I could use an image of your Logan Fils absinthe bottle on the inside of my recently pressed CD cover. He told me I could as long as you have a copy of it. Well I am just e-mailing to let you know that a run of 3500 CD's was pressed with your bottle included on the J-card, I have had at least 50 or more people ask me where I get my absinthe, many people have been so impressed with it that they have gone hog wild...I have referred many of my fans to your site thanks to the use of that picture."The album was inspired by, written, and produced heavily under the influence of your Logan Fils...;Oh and I will definitely be ordering another bottle of your Logan Fils today or tomorrow...it's worth every cent. Thank you, from the bottom and dark corners of my heart! Phono"

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