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Hallucinogenic plant - Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum`s home is only a couple of square miles of the Sierra Mazatec mountains in Oaxaca,Mexico.
Athough its origin is not known, it is believed that Salvia Divinorum was a cultigen of the indigenous Mazatecs, introduced by Aztecs. The indigenous Mazatec shamans still use it in their shamanic rituals. Nowadays, Salvia Divinorum does not grow wild and it is said that its seeds are infertile. Salvia Divinorum was discovered for the western world by Robert Gordon Watson in 1962 and its primary psychoactive constituent a diterpenoid known as salvinorin A was first extracted in 1982 by Alfred Orteg from Mexico and also by Lander J. Valdes III from USA in 1984.

Salvinorin A induces a visionary state and it is the only naturally occurring substance of this kind. The average effective dose is between 0.2 - 1.0mg which makes it a highly effective natural substance and is the strongest of all natural hallucinogens so far discovered. The amount of Salvinorin A in dried Salvia Divinorum leaves is between 0.9 - 3.7mg/g depending on the season.The leaves are the most potent in summer months.

In low doses, the effects are characterized mainly by increasing a visual imagination, empathy feeling, uncontrolled laugher, loss of balance. The feelings include "a side pulling" the change of the direction of the gravity force.
High doses cause deep optical hallucinations which may result in a complete loss of reality, travelling through time and/or spiritual experience. The effects can be compared to a dream during which you realized that you are sleeping and you can control the dream yourself.

Salvia Divinorum should be consumed in a quiet and safe place.Otherwise, the effects may not be that intense or may not be experienced at all.A noisy place can cause a bad-trip that results in fear and confusion.

When smoked, the effects come immediately and last for 5 - 15 minutes and fade out after about an hour completely.
When chewed, the effects come after about 15 minutes, are gradual and last for about 2 hours.

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