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Salvia Divinorum - Extract

Salvia Divinorum extract is extracted from the plant and then redeposited back onto dried leaves.
We use a standardized method which is more expensive than non-standardized method.Thanks to the use of the standartized method there is no harmful extra plant matter.

There are two methods of extraction.
The most common extraction method is the use of ethyl alcohol.We use high quality grain alcohol only to make our Salvia extracts.The use of grain alcohol ensures that there is no residue left which makes this method natural and safe.
The second method of extraction is known as the ice water extraction method which we use nowaday.

Our Salvia Extracts come in various different strengths ranging from 18mg of pure Salvinorin A per gram of extract known as Salvia Extract 5X up to 108mg of pure Salvinorin-A per gram of extract known as Salvia Extract 30X. We also make twice as strong extracts 60X.

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