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Smoking is the most common method of use of Salvia Divinorum. The 10x etc.. extracts do not cause that much harm to the lungs as opposed to the unfortified Salvia Divinorum leaves since the inhallation of the plant`s material is lower. The best method is the use of a water pipe or bong.
The boil point of Salvinorin A is higher than the fire in common cigarette lighters.Therefore it is recommended to use a lighter with a jet which has a blue flame with a higher temperature.The smoke is best to filter through water in the water pipe or bong. The more the smoke stays in the lungs the better.Ideally 20-30 seconds.The effects come immediatelly so that you may drop the pipe while exhaling the smoke.For that reason, it is recommended that the pipe is not made of glass and you are observed while smoking Salvia Divinorum.

Chewing is another method of using Salvia Divinorum.It is a traditional method used by the Mazatecs and is generally safer than smoking because it does not cause the loss of orientation. Fresh leaves are rolled into a quid.The dried leaves should stay in water for 15 minutes prior to chewing. The quid is put into a mouth under the tonque and is chewed until the leaves` juices are released. At this stage, try NOT to swallow or spit out the juice.It is absorbed via the oral mucosa.Swalowing is ineffective.All the leaves should be chewed for about a half an hour where the effects come into play. The Mazatecs counted the leaves in pairs and usually chewed 30pairs which means 60 leaves. If the leaves are too bitter it is recommended to sweeten them with sugar or honey. In order to make the absorption more effective, you can brush your tonque prior to chewing the Salvia leaves.

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