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Absinthe Vintage Legler-Pernod

1834 - Gustave Legler entered the Edouard Pernod business in Couvet as an apprentice and married Julie Montandon.
1850 - Gustave Legler Montandon set up as an absinthe manufacturer in Couvet under the company name of Gustave Legler.
1863 - Otto,Gustave’s brother who was married to Caroline Pernod, daughter of Edouard, in turn set up a distillery in Couvet.He added his wife’s name to his own and immediatelly benefited from its reputation.This was the maison Legler-Pernod.
1895 - The maison Legler-Pernod opened a branch in Pontarlier.The factory employed 8 workers and had 7 stills producing 2.000 hl of absinthe every year.

This Absinthe Legler-Pernod, circa 1900-1910 bottle is a very good level, great colour and a superb intact branded ("Legler Pernod") red wax seal on the cork giving unequivocal proof of authenticity. There is, as you can see in the photos, some damage to the label.This is a very rare and important bottle. In her authorative history of the various Pernod companies, the French absinthe historian Marie Claude Delahaye had access not only to every major absinthiana collection in France, but also to the archives and cellars of the Pernod company itself - nonetheless, she was not able to illustrate a single complete full size bottle like this one, only the empty bottle without labels.This bottle comes from an original undisturbed cellar, and is believed to have laid in total darkness, in the same location, for the last century.The bottle likely dates to a decade or so BEFORE the 1915 ban, so a date around 1905 is the most probable.

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Absinthe Legler-Pernod