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Logan Fils
Modern Absinthe
75cl (750ml) bottle 68%VOL. (136 Proof) Logan Fils - modern recipe absinthe is a traditionally DISTILLED absinthe prepared from carefully selected fresh herbs.

Grand Wormwood - also known as grande absinthe, common wormwood or artemisia absinthium - the main herb in the genuine absinthe (but not in the commercial versions where anise prevails and makes the liqueur sweet, Petite Wormwood - known as petite absinthe, artemisia pontica or roman wormwood - used in the coloring step and others including green anise, fennel, hyssop, melissa ...10 herbs including the ones used for coloring.

How is it made?
Logan Fils modern absinthe is prepared the same way as traditional absinthe used to be before the absinthe ban. The herbs for distilling are steeped in a high volume alcohol and the mixture is heated for maximum herbal extraction prior to distillation. Then the mixture is distilled in an alembic still made from copper(absinthe still), like in the 19th century. The distilled product is put, along with the herbs reserved for coloring (including Petite Wormwood), into a colorator - we use an alembic still again but this time the distilled product is heated only, thus colored in order to be transformed into Absinthe. The herbs reserved for coloring yield their natural coloring-chlorophyll and their fragrances to the liqueur. The product has a fine deep green color and is 100% natural and has no added sugar or any other artificial colorants or color stabilizers. Then it is placed into barrels to age which finishes its quality and turns it yellowish-green the older it gets.

Taste and thujone content
Logan Fils modern absinthe is yellowish-green in color, VERY smooth and sweet. It turns milky green, then opalescent, when water is added. It is rich in its herbal content and drinking it neat is NOT recommended. Although the Logan Fils modern absinthe is made the old traditional way, the amount of wormwood is reduced (10mg) to meet the thujone free limit required by the FDA regulation.

$65,- USD + shipping

Modern absinthe
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