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Absinthe Still

Fête de l’Absinthe

The Absinthe Festival Day

The absinthe Festival day is organized in Boveresse in the Val de Travers every year.
In 2011, it is the 18th of June and we will be there to bring you the latest news and the photos from this event.

The Program

10:00 - Opening of the festival
(Various stalls of artisans and antique dealers, demonstrations and participation of distillers selling glasses, posters, craft show, etc.).
11:00 - Songs of the children's school Boveresse;
11:30 - Concert Band skylights;
14:00 - Concert Band skylights;
17:00 - Concert Band of the Bandele;
19:00 - Dance with the band of galley slaves;
23:00 - Evening Year 80 with DJ Camilli.

Visit Val de Travers

The Val de Travers is a beautiful valley in the Jura mountains stretched to the French border.
The region is mostly famous for its absinthe production and five absinthe plants cultivation.
The Val de Travers is a French speaking canton. Contact us to organize a Tailor Made Tour.

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