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Absinthe Still

Val de Travers

The birth place of absinthe
Val de Travers is a beautiful valley in the Jura mountains stretched to the French border.
The region is mostly famous for its absinthe production and five absinthe plants cultivation.
Absinthe during the ban
The Swiss Government Act banned absinthe in Switzerland in 1908. However, absinthe production never stopped in Val de Travers. Tens distillers produced their absinthe the clandestine way keeping their tradition until 2005 when the absinthe ban was lifted.
Absinthe after the ban
Nowadays, many of those clandestine distillers operate their stills legaly producing old traditional and authentic absinthe the same way just before the ban.
It is a trully hand-crafted absinthe made in 20 - 100 litre small stills.
Botanicals Cultivation
The main absinthe botanicals are cultivated and dried in Val de Travers, giving it a distinctive taste, flavour and aroma.
Absinthe Recipe
Unlike in other countries, Val de Travers distillers never needed to come up with so called historical recipes due to their clandestine authentic absinthe production.
Therefore absinthe from Val de Travers is the most SUPERIEURE - real authentic absinthe today.
Thujone Level
The legal thujone limit in Switzerland is 35mg of thujone per litre which is nearly the same level found in the 19th centure pre-ban absinthe.
It is THREE times stronger than the thujone free (10mg) US absinthe like Lucid or Kübler US.
Visit Val de Travers
Val de Travers is a French speaking canton. Contact us to organize a Tailor Made Tour.

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