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The Sebor Absinth Set

Sebor Absinth

The original Sebor Absinth
A 50cl bottle, 55% Alc. - Sebor Absinth is a steeped recipe absinth, a unique mixture of hard mountain spring water, only the best pure grain spirits and Mr. Sebor's unique blend of traditional absinthe herbs, to ensure a flavourful, robust taste, adequate loucheing (the milky coloured effect when water or ice is added) and wormwood content.
The finest refined alcohol is used to ensure the highest purity and maximum herbal absorption. In addition to Artemisa absinthium, the main herbal ingredients are anise and fennel, followed by camomile, coriander, mint, lemon balm and some others, which are Sebor's secret.

The Sebor glass sipping pipe
The fully functional sipping pipe once used by the Bohemian aristocrats who added absinth to the bowl over some crushed ice and sipped it through the straw.

The Sebor white T-shirt
size XXL

The Sebor cap

The set price $ 72.90 + p&p

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