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Logan Absinthe 60% VOL. with 10mg of thujon - bigger image

Logan Absinthe
50cl bottle, 60% vol.- 10mg/kg of thujon.

Logan Absinthe with 10mg of thujon is a strong hand made liqueur. It is reach in its herbal content with the main herb being Artemisia Absinthium delivering thujon when steeped in alcohol.
Centuries old traditional recipe and carefully selected herbs are used to produce a French style Absinthe. The recipe makes the liqueur pleasantly bitter with an anise flavour. The amount of alcohol was diluted to 60% VOL. to follow the traditional Absinthe that was poured over a perforated spoon of sugar into a glass of water.
The amount of alcohol and the strenght of herbs are well-balanced so that it can be drunk neat, however it is best to serve over some cracked ice, shake it and wait until it gets clowdy (opalescent effect).

$ 43.90 + p&p

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